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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Rainy Day in Kiel Germany

 Our first port-of-call was Kiel Germany.  Every year Kiel hosts a tall mast ship regatta and ships were starting to arrive.

 I had the ship all to myself!!

 These poor guys were pinned to that sailboat by the prop-wash from the Eurodam as it was docking.  Once the Eurodam turned its engines off, they were able to paddle away.
 an empty beach.
Kiel was an important ship building port during WWII.  It was home to the German Submarines.  It was bombed to extinction during the war.  This is the last intact U-Boat left in Germany in front of a monument to submariners of all nations. (this U-Boat was used in the 1981 movie, Das Boat)

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