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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Berlin Germany

We sailed from Stockholm to Warnemunnde, (former East) Germany where a train was waiting for us at dock side to wisk us off to Berlin
 These are called "Stolpersteine Gelenkirchen" or
 "stumbling block" .  On them are the names of persons and families that once lived here, but were "deported" by the Nazis.  They are in the pavement of the sidewalk in front of where these person's home once stood.

 Check Point Charlie
 A bit of the Berlin Wall from the east looking west.
 a Bugatti Varon
 The Brandenburg Gate

  The Reichstag
 The East German telecommunication tower
 Ok, if I got the story right, on this spot there once was a palace, but it was bombed so the Russians built a government building on the spot, but now that the Russians are gone, the Germans have torn down the government building and are re building the palace.....
On this spot Hitler burned the books.  There is a memorial that everyone is looking in.  It is a room of empty book shelves.

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